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Performance Tuning

italian tuning

Tuning Your Italian Car for Improved Performance

Personalise your vehicle to suit your driving style with a personalise tuning package from L&M. We’ve been tuning Italian vehicles for over 15 years and our work has been featured in Auto Italia Magazine and some of the best car titles in the world. Whether you are looking for better handling, speed, looks and styling, or in car entertainment L&M are here to help.

What We Can Do To Tune Your Fiat, Alfa Romeo or Lancia

Our area of speciality in the UK is performance tuning Italian vehicles and our customers have come as far away as Sweden to have us tune their vehicle. If you are looking for a company that specilaise in Abarth 500 Tuning, Fiat 500 Tuning and Alfa Romeo Tuning – give us a call, we offer a range of bespoke packages that can suit your budget and needs.

Increase Torque

Engine Displacement

Suspension Upgrades

Increase Power

Exhaust Enhancements

Induction Systems

Increase Efficiency

Increased Response


Engine Lightening

Stroker Kits

Cyclinder Head Porting & Polishing

Fitment & Performance Parts

We can install and configure any performance parts to your vehicle to suit your driving needs. From suspension upgrades and exhausts, to full transmission, gearboxes and brakes.

Simply tell us what you are looking for and our team will be able to give you the right advice.


If you’re looking for a low-cost way to totally change the way your vehicle performs, then remapping is exactly what you need.

If you need improved performance and BHP or maybe even better fuel economy, we are the experts to talk to.

Engine Rebuilds

 More popular than ever, especially with older cars. We hold thousands of Italian Car Parts in stock and can re-build engines (and entire cars) from scratch.

Get in touch and discuss your next project with us today.

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